Sylvie is a gifted therapist who has a natural ability to see deep within another. Her kind and loving presence is what makes her sessions feel so safe. She is dedicated to learning and has opened to her own healing process which provided me so much trust and confidence as her client. She weaves her wisdom, heart and intuition with such grace. She is wise beyond her years and I feel grateful to have gotten to receive her work.
— Noora Via

Sylvie has everything I look for in a therapist-attuned presence, a gracious heart, and deep wisdom. I feel safe in her presence; and yet I know that she has the ability to help me see into illusive places within myself. She is a skilled Hakomi therapist & I highly recommended her!
— Annie Vail

Sylvie displays an incredible mix of compassion and courage in her work. She is both unafraid to go to the depths of my pain, and has a heart so generous that it feels safe to be there.
— Dylan Rivard