… and I look forward to meeting you and introducing myself in person! A strong, trusting relationship between therapist and client has been empirically proven to be the most important factor in determining whether therapy will be helpful. Because of that, it is very important to me that you feel like we are a good fit. Below are some pieces of my story, personal and professional. If it catches your curiosity, makes you feel comfortable, or even brings up strong resistance, I would love to connect further for an initial consult.



I am an LPCC and graduate of Naropa’s Mindfulness-based Transpersonal counseling program and a certified Hakomi therapist (CHT). I incorporate a social justice, trauma-sensitive, and somatic lens into my work and am greatly informed by my experience studying clinical herbalism, doing health coaching, and teaching yoga. I have experience working with sexual assault, childhood sexual assault, addiction, chronic illness, and mood disorders.


I set out on my own healing journey seven years ago after chronic illness caused me to re-evaluate my life. I dabbled in all forms of alternative health care and yoga but quickly realized that my emotional and spiritual health needed tending to as well. Through studying the Hakomi technique I have not only changed my relationship to my pain, I have also learned how to listen to my body’s wisdom. While listening, I began to let go of some old beliefs and patterns that I thought I could never change. The more I dive into psychology, the more in awe I am of my resilience and the human capacity to heal. 

A Bit More

Outside of the office, I feel at home in the forest, with a paintbrush in my hand, or on the dance floor. My ongoing commitment to self-growth and exploration through five-rhythms dance, yoga, and meditation continues to enhance both my personal and professional life.