Individual therapy…

should be a place where you can, over time, explore all aspects of yourself without feeling shamed or judged.

I work with all parts: the light and the shadow, the loved and the exiled.

I work with all genders, expressions of sexuality, races, abilities, nationalities, and religious affiliations and my goal is to honor your unique life experience and expression.

Which means that, though I have techniques I draw from and will describe below, I believe that therapy is about co-creation and will only work if you bring your unique self and your commitment.

Is therapy for me?

Therapy is for ANYONE who wants to be in therapy. It could mean wanting support and a safe person to talk to. It could mean feeling stuck in your patterns but not knowing how to change. It could mean knowing that you have some traumas to work through and, wisely, not wanting to do it on your own. It could mean you feel like things are harder than they should be. It could mean you are struggling with your relationship to yourself, your relationship to others, or your relationship to your sense of wellbeing or purpose.

If you are tired of doing it alone, therapy is for you.

What can I expect?

This is a trick question because the best way to really know what to expect is to schedule a free phone consultation. Each and every person who will read this is as unique in their personality and past as they are in their needs for therapy. Though I have a wealth of training in different modalities including Hakomi, Gestalt, Mindfulness-based work, IFS, and DBT, I will only bring pieces in when they will benefit your process and growth.

Though your experience will be unique to you, there are a few things you can expect.. You can definitely expect that your therapy experience will be collaborative. That means we determine your goals together and work to keep each other accountable and moving forward. You can expect that it will be frustrating at times (as all change is), and that the process of growing and changing will not always feel linear. Yet you can absolutely expect to walk away knowing more about yourself and having more skills to create your life the way you want it, instead of being ruled by unconscious habits.