What is Hakomi?

"Hakomi is a path taken by those who work to go beyond the half remembered hurts and failed beliefs that linger unexamined in the mind and body, hurts that act through barely conscious habits and reactions. This work is a part of that heroic labor..." - Ron Kurtz, Hakomi Founder

Hakomi is: gentle, non-violent, mindfulness-based, works with mind-body holism, and honors your unique self. Hakomi can help you to move beyond unconscious habits and patterns in a way that honors your unique pace.

Why should I choose Hakomi?

Have you found talk therapy unfulfilling? Hakomi may feel like a breath of fresh air. Its experiential approach is an invitation to stop rehashing your suffering. Instead, it supports you to practice and experiment with new ways of thinking, being, and interacting. I have found Hakomi to be a unique and valuable tool for anyone stuck and searching for different ways to approach familiar territory. 

What is a session like?

So what does a session actually look like? Though it draws on the mind-body connection, that doesn't mean you'll be up dancing! It may look no different than a talk therapy session. Using mindfulness of thoughts, behaviors, and body sensations, a Hakomi session is a gentle journey to uncover and re-pattern unconscious beliefs that limit one’s growth and access to joy. Hakomi rests on the five principles of non-violence, mind-body integration, organicity, unity, and mindfulness, which means that your session will be collaborative and unique, will harness your own self-awareness and draw on the wisdom of both your body and your mind. 

For more information on the scientific, psychological, and spiritual roots of this method, head to the Hakomi website. Keep in mind, however, that, because of its experiential nature, the experience is hard to communicate through the written word. The best way is to dive in or to schedule a free consultation.