When two people..

When two people jump into a relationship they are bringing so much more than their excitement and enthusiasm into the room. Inside them are suitcases of past wounds, beliefs, and sometimes, old relational trauma. The more luggage we have inside, the harder it can be to work through normal arguments like who does the dishes or whether or not to attend a social event. I am here to help you navigate these everyday interactions and to go underneath them. I am here to help you understand each others baggage and to gently unpack it together. When wounds happen in relationship, they must be healed in relationship. So particularly when things feel rocky, try this reframe: you have an incredible opportunity to heal with each other, to become better as individuals and to become a resilient and brilliant couple.

When I…

When I work with couples my focus is on creating a foundation of true safety and security so your relationship can grow as much as you want it to. When safety is created and you truly understand your partner and their internal luggage, so much more becomes possible. My approach is based in PACT and Hakomi which both focus on experiential learning over cognitive “understanding.” That means that you will both go home with a visceral sense of what else is possible and actual tools in your tool-belt. For more information please reach out with questions or to schedule a free consultation.