I am an LPCC and graduate of Naropa’s Mindfulness-based Transpersonal counseling program and a certified Hakomi therapist (CHT). I incorporate a social justice, trauma-sensitive, and somatic lens into my work and am greatly informed by my experience studying clinical herbalism, doing health coaching, and teaching yoga.



I set out on my own healing journey seven years ago after chronic illness caused me to re-evaluate my life. I dabbled in all forms of alternative health care and yoga but quickly realized that my emotional and spiritual health needed tending to as well. Through studying the Hakomi technique I have not only changed my relationship to my pain, I have also learned how to listen to my body’s wisdom. While listening, I began to let go of some old beliefs and patterns that I thought I could never change. My anxiety and depression subsided and my relationships grew more intimate.


A Bit more

Outside of the office, I feel at home in the forest, with a paintbrush in my hand, or on the dance floor. My ongoing commitment to self-growth and exploration through five-rhythms dance, yoga, and meditation continues to enhance both my personal and professional life.